Hobo Inn Caboose Number 1 In HO Scale

Hi! I got back on friday from Elbe, Wa. We rode on the Mt. Rainer Scenic Railroad’s diesel excursion train pulled by a Northern Pacific F-9. We also stayed at the Hobo Inn, a Hotel were the rooms are cabooses! I will get more pics on here soon!

We stayed in caboose Number one, a Northern Pacific cupola caboose acording to their website, althogh the trucks say C,B&Q> (Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, AKA The Burlington Route)

I bought a HO scale caboose that looks  like caboose number one, at a train store on Saturday and re-painted it and detailed it to look like caboose number one. Below are pictures of both Big and HO scale Hobo Inn caboose number one. I will add a new post on how I customized the HO scale caboose later.

Real Caboose.

HO Scale Caboose

End of real caboose.

End of HO scale caboose


We went to the Supermall in Auburn,WA today. They have a 1885 Porter tank engine and a “bobber” caboose.The mall is conveniently located by a BNSF yard. In the yard today was a unique  locomotive consist at the front of a mixed freight train. The locomotives included two of what I suspect are dash 9 GE loco motives, which are typical freight engines, an ex-Santa fe GP-38, and a BNSF switcher.