Train Museums and Rides of the Northwest Part 1: The Northwest Railway Museum Part 1

Hello! This article is the first part of Train Museums and Rides of the Northwest. Our first stop is in Snoqualmie, Wa. This is one of my favorite train museums. It’s main building is the Snoqualmie train depot. It houses their gift shop and a couple of small train related exhibits. This first part of this article will focus on the depot and the depot grounds, including the locomotives and cars displayed around it. The photos are from two different visits. One in May, and one in October.

The Side of one of two almost identicle locomotives the museum uses to pull the excursion train.

The entire locomotive.

The Snoqualmie depot Constructed by The Seattle, Lakeshore and Eastern ry.

The back of Locomotive 201, the last Alco RSD-4 in the world.

US Plywood corp #11 logging steam engine.

Ingersoll-Rand industrial locomotive.

“Cecil” A 45 ton diesel switcher.

Us Army Kitchen car.

And now on to the storage/ display tracks.

A Heisler logging locomotive.

Another logging engine, this time a 3-truck shay.

Union Pacific 2-8-0 #529

Northern Pacific 0-6-0 #924 sole surviving L-5 class 0-6-0. Built by Rogers Locomotive Works.

Left: Dunsmuir 2-6-0t+t. Right: Weyerhauser #108 2-6-6-2T.

Unknown (Electric?) Locomotive. Probably electric locomotive due to pantograph on top.

Thanks for reading! In part 2, which is coming soon, you will see photos of the train ride and the display shed.


Train Rides and Museums of the Northwest: Introduction

Hello. This post is the introduction to a new series of articles that will be filled with photos. The list of places we will visit include:

  • Part 1:The Northwest Railway Museum Snoqualmie, Wa The Depot Grounds
  • Part 2: The Northwest Railway Museum: The Train ride And Train Shed
  • Parts 3,4 and 5 will probably include: The Tolt River Railroad( Remlinger Farms), The Washington State History Museum’s train Layout, and The Puyallap Fair Train Ride.

We hope you enjoy this series of articles!

Hobo Inn Caboose Number 1 In HO Scale

Hi! I got back on friday from Elbe, Wa. We rode on the Mt. Rainer Scenic Railroad’s diesel excursion train pulled by a Northern Pacific F-9. We also stayed at the Hobo Inn, a Hotel were the rooms are cabooses! I will get more pics on here soon!

We stayed in caboose Number one, a Northern Pacific cupola caboose acording to their website, althogh the trucks say C,B&Q> (Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, AKA The Burlington Route)

I bought a HO scale caboose that looks  like caboose number one, at a train store on Saturday and re-painted it and detailed it to look like caboose number one. Below are pictures of both Big and HO scale Hobo Inn caboose number one. I will add a new post on how I customized the HO scale caboose later.

Real Caboose.

HO Scale Caboose

End of real caboose.

End of HO scale caboose