Satsop Railroad #1 and the other equipment from the Auburn Supermall.

As I mentioned last year, Satsop Railroad #1 was moved from the Supermall in Auburn, WA to the MRSR in Mineral, WA. Here are some photo’s of the engine at it’s old home along with it’s caboose.

nwrailfan 1

#1 at the Supermall in March 2012. The rust on the water tank was still minor, and the paint was still in good shape. The cab roof has moss and mold growing on it.


nwrailfan 3

Caboose March 2012

nwrailfan 5

The single bay ballast hopper. March, 2012.


February 2013. Rust is quite a bit worse. The cab roof is still rotting.


February 2013. Rust is quite a bit worse.


February 2013.The caboose still looks about the same. The roof and sides are starting to sag though. A sign of rot.


March 2013. The rust and paint are even worse.


June, 2014. Satsop RR #1 at the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad shops. It looks like new! They removed the ugly coupler on the front, added a new cow catcher,removed the marker lights, removed the C.F White nameplates, repainted it inside and out, and lettered it for the Satsop Railroad. It looks better than ever.


June, 2014. Here’s the ballast hopper. It’s in ok shape. So far they haven’t done anything to it yet.


June, 2014. The caboose is sitting off railroad tracks. This photo doesn’t show the damage. When they picked it up with a crane to move it, the roof decided to start caving in.


This photo shows the damage better. The truck is still attached, and the coupla is on the ground beside the caboose.


Here’s the old cow catcher sitting by a old tank car body.


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