Building an HO Scale Spirit of Washington Dinner Train F9PHA


Hello! I haven’t posted in a while, but hope to start posting more often. This post is on one of my current projects, which is a model of one of the locomotive from the now defunct Spirit of Washington dinner train. The base for this model is a Athearn blue box F7A shell, which I have heavily modified. Modifications include removing the heating unit at the back of the locomotive, filing in the porthole windows, removing the lower headlight and front door, and modifying the headlight. Here I’ve included a parts list for building one out of commercially available parts, and a video on how to modify the shell, although I will make a complete tutorial video eventually. The model in this post is prototypically correct for WCRC (Spirit of Washington Dinner Train)#84 and #82 (Except for winterization hatch), MDOT/MARC #7181-7185 (1980’s) #81-85 (1990’s),SLCC/ Railcruise America #101-102/ RPCX #1020-1010, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay/ Iowa Pacific #84/1104- #82/1101, or paint and letter it for your railroad, or a real railroad that didn’t own one. Here is a link to the video:

Parts list

Base Model

Athearn F7A

Detail parts Parts I used are in bold

EMD Winterization Hatch (Cal Scale)

Leslie S3L horn (Cal Scale)

Canadian Style Ditch Lights (Detail Associates)

Q-Type cooling fan (Detail Associates)

3 hose MU hoses (Cal Scale)

Brass Dual Headlight (Detail Associates)

Decals (Only used on WCRC Spirit of Washington Dinner Train #82,84)

RR Gothic lettering white (Woodland Scenic)

American 50 star flag decals (Micro scale)


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